Child's Play Movie Explained (Hindi) | Childs play Horror/Mystery Film summarized हिंदी / اردو

Child's Play Movie Explained (Hindi) | Childs play Horror/Mystery Film summarized हिंदी / اردو

Child's Play Movie Explained (Hindi) | Childs play Horror/Mystery Film summarized हिंदी / اردو

The plot revolves around a child who purchases his dream doll. But to his horror the doll is not just a doll rather it contains the soul of a serial Killer nick named as Chuky. The family is in for a very horrific surprise when the Doll comes to life and demand the body of a child to transfer its soul.

A widowed mother Karen buys her son Andy a famous doll for his birthday naed Chucky. Things take a turn for the worse when Andy discovers that Chucky is possessed by the spirit of a serial killer.

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