Tales of Arise Full Demo Walkthrough on PS5 and I Can't Believe This Game! [ Secret Boss Defeated ]

Another reason to celebrate for JRPG fans out there. It took a while for us to play the demo and now that it is out, it was all worth the wait. The release date is right at the corner on September 10 and I am dying to play the full version. Here's a taste of the demo and everything about it was covered including the secret boss Mesmald. Tales of Arise overall is completely on a different level especially when playing on PS5. BANDAI NAMCO nailed it this time. I just hope that the full version can sustain the game's splendid first impressions. You can also check my Artes showcase for each character and it is pretty darn awesome. I will main Alphen of course and how about you? Let me know that what you think about the game in the comments.

► Time Stamps

04:10 Level Design ( Fields )
17:40 Mini Boss
37:07 Camp Feature
39:49 First Boss
44:55 Basic Mystic Arte Showcase
45:36 Secret Boss Mesmald
54:58 Bonus Scenes

► Tales of Arise All Basic Artes, Boost Strikes Showcase And Character Preview Epic Montage on PS5

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